Electromaster is one of the three currently available Esper Categories and is based on Misaka Mikoto from the Anime and Manga.

Electromaster primarily focuses on using electricity in a multitude of ways and also utilizes magnetism for a few skills. Offensively Electromaster is the strongest of the three, with a high damage output that isn't dependent on luck, such as Teleporter's critical hits, or the application of multiple hits, such as Meltdowner's Radiation Intensify, and as a result can be used to great effect immediately. With both area of effect and single target damage skills, Electromaster is varied and can deal with nearly any combat situation with ease.

On the other hand, Electromaster is the weakest of the three when it comes to utility. It has no terrain destruction or block harvesting such as Meltdowner and it also lacks the sheer movement utility inherent to Teleporter. Magnet Movement and the ability to collect food from water sources do make up for this in a small degree, but the former relies on prior setup and materials.

Skill Name Requirements Description
Arc Generation Electromaster: Level 1 Arouse a weak electrical arc, which causes slight damage on the area it hits. If it directly hits a flammable block, there is a chance of igniting it.
Current Charging Arc Generation: 30% Generate electric currents to charge the item in your hand or an electric block in the world.
Magnet Movement Electromaster: Level 2

Current Charging: 70%

Magnet Manipulation Electromaster: Level 2

Magnet Movement: 50%