Meltdowner is one of the three currently available Esper Categories and is based on Mugino Shizuri from the Anime and Manga.

Meltdowner focuses entirely on lasers for damage, protection, and terrain destruction. For offense the skills rely on multiple applications of damage, exemplified by the Electron Missile skill, because of the β Radiation Intensify passive which increases damage on an enemy for a few seconds after they are hit by a skill.

Because of the more stable damage output of Meltdowner when compared to Teleporter and the much higher utility use in mining and terrain destruction than what Electromaster has to offer, this category is a middle ground option for those looking to balance the two aspects of offense and utility.

Skill Name Requirements Description
Electron Bomb Level 1 Gather together a small number of electrons to generate a threatening beam.
β Radiation Intensify Level 1

Electron Bomb: 50%

Because of the intense radiation, a target hit by any of your skills is vulnerable for a few seconds.
Scattering Bomb Level 2

Electron Bomb: 80%

Manipulate more than one group of electrons to attack. However, because of the strain, you can't aim them very well.
Light Shield Level 2

Electron Bomb: 100%

Turn the electrons in front of you into a shield. The high speed particles will destroy anything that attacks you and injure anything that touches you.
Meltdowner Level 3

Scattering Bomb: 80%

Light Shield: 80%

An extremely high energy electron beam that melts down everything in it's path.
Basic Mining Ray Level 3

Meltdowner: 30%

After a long time practicing, you can lower the intensity of your electron stream to collect minerals without destroying them. You have yet to find a way to make it work on metal ores.
Ray Barrage Level 4

Meltdowner: 50%

You have found a way to use your high energy ray with the Silicon Barn to create a ray barrage that destroys everything in front of you.
Jet Engine Level 4

Meltdowner: 100%

Use the propulsive force of your electrons to launch yourself into the air. You will also generate a Light Shield to protect yourself during the flight.
Expert Mining Ray Level 4

Basic Mining Ray: 80%

Now that you understand how to control the intensity of electrons better, you can harvest metals using your mining ray.
Brain Course Level 4

Unknown additional requirement

Get practice for your brain, it will let you use your skills for longer periods.
Electron Missile Level 5

Jet Engine: 30%

Generate a massive electron cloud around you and use small parts of it to attack nearby enemies.
Luck Mining Ray Level 5

Expert Mining Ray: 100%

After long practice you can finally harvest the useful resources in ores with near perfect precision.
Brain Course Advanced Level 5

Unknown additional requirement

Develop the processing abilities of your brain more effectively to improve your skill use and reduce overload.
Mind Course Level 5

Brain Course Advanced: 0%

Learn how to relax your brain so you can accelerate the recovery speed of Computation Power.