Teleporter is one of the three currently available Esper Categories and is based on Shirai Kuroko from the Anime and Manga.

In Academy Craft the Teleporter skillset is highly utility focused, with skills to teleport long distances, move through blocks, place blocks down, and recall to a saved location - even across dimensions. The offensive skills are based around critical hits increasing damage at random, up to 2.5x damage, making Teleporter potentially highly damaging but very luck based. As a result this category is considered to be primarily utility focused and weak on offense.

Skill Name Requirements Description
Threatening Teleport Teleporter: Level 1 Teleports an item to a location you specify. If that location is inside an enemy, it will damage it significantly. A Needle is the most effective item to use, but any item will work if you run out of them. There is a chance the item is lost forever, so do not teleport an item you care about (such as your heavily-enchanted sword) inside of an enemy!
Dimension Folding Theorem Boosts damage to enemies by adding a chance to score a critical hit.
Mark Teleport Choose a location in that you can see and teleport to it. Does not do any damage. Maxmium range increases with experience, but also depends on current CP. You must be able to directly see the destination; it cannot be behind walls, fences, or glass. Be careful when teleporting into the air. You can move while selecting the destination for this power.
Penetrate Teleport Similar to Mark Teleport, but with a shorter range and additionally allows you to teleport through walls. If the destination mark is red, you cannot teleport. Use caution with using this power in areas you are not familiar with; it is possible to teleport yourself into the middle of a multi-block structure (especially easy if the center is required to be hollow) and begin to suffocate! You can move while selecting the destination for this power.
Flesh Ripping

Mark Teleport: 50%

Penetrate Teleport: 50%

Teleports part of the enemy's body away, causing significant damage. Using this power too often can cause nausea, due to its gruesome nature. You can damage seemingly non-corporeal beings with this power (e.g., Thaumcraft Wisps and Eldritch Guardians, Botania Guardian of Gaia)
Location Teleport

Mark Teleport: 80%

Penetrate Teleport: 80%

This power comes in two parts: Remembering a location, and teleporting to it later. Remembering and forgetting locations are free. To remember a location you must be standing in it.

Due to the 8:1 space-folding property of the Nether, you cannot remember locations in this dimension. Teleporting across dimensions is very expensive. You cannot move while using this power.

Warning: do not use this power to leave the Witchery Spirit World!

Shift Teleport Location Teleport: 50% Teleports a block you are carrying to a location you specify. If an entity is in the way, it will damage it (and most likely kill it). Entities that survive may often suffocate instead. While this seems useful for remote block placement, you may find you require more building materials than you expected. Do not use this power to place blocks you cannot easily replace.
Space Fluctuation Boots your space-folding ability to cause even more dangerous critical hits.
Flashing Shift Teleport 80%